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Farm water tanks

On-farm water storage is becoming increasingly important for agricultural operations in drier regions. Recent droughts and the threat of climate change (with hotter drier summers, reduced water availability, and increasing demand) only heighten concerns about sustainability and the reliability of future water supplies.

A farm water tank provides balance, security and flexibility, allowing for water to be extracted when needed or stored for future usage.

VapourGuard™ tank covers are widely used on UK and Australian farm water tanks. Installations range in size from 4m diameter up to 13m diameter.


Farm water tank installation

The installation of any size VapourGuard™ tank cover is straightforward.

The cover is pre-fitted with heavy duty clips and cord to allow for easy and quick installation.

The cover must be installed with the light grey reflective side facing up.

A clear installation guide is supplied with every VapourGuard™ order.

Consumer installation instruction guide for a 8m diameter VapourGuard™ tank cover installation:

Customer Installation Guide (PDF)

Farm water tank case studies

Mr Baldwin, Black Dog Nursery, UK – Market Garden

Mr Shawe, Portugal – Farm & Domestic use

Jonathan, Leythorne Nurseries, UK



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