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VapourGuard™ Covers

• Collect rainfall

• Inhibit algae growth

• Reflect the sun’s heat

• Reduce contamination

• 6 year pro rata warranty


Water is a precious resource that we can’t live without. With drought becoming increasingly common and a growing global population that’s growing the demand for clean water, there is an urgent need to practice better water saving principles in all areas of industry.
VapourGuard™ is a water storage cover material designed to protect and conserve stored water as well as an innovative method for collecting rainfall. Made from durable GeoBubble™ material, VapourGuard™ is a floating self-supporting cover, kept afloat on the water’s surface by millions of small air cells. The VapourGuard™ floating cover is ideal for tanks, small dams and reservoirs.

VapourGuard™ material is supplied to fabricators in roll form, measuring 2.5m wide x 90m. The bubble cover is dual extruded from 540 microns polyethylene.

Plastipack does not supply finished covers directly to the end-user.

VapourGuard™ material is ideal as a floating cover for water reservoirs.



Farm dam and reservoir covers

VapourGuard™ material is ideal as a floating cover for water reservoirs.
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Agricultural water management – Farm dam

The need to conserve water has seen better water management practices and water storage systems becoming increasingly necessary throughout the agricultural sector, particularly in drier regions.
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Domestic – Water tank

VapourGuard™ material can also be applied to conserve domestic non-potable water storage systems.
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Water tank floating cover

VapourGuard™ material is ideal as a floating cover for water tanks.
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Agricultural water management – Farm water tank

Farm water tanks, especially in drier regions prone to drought, need to be protected. VapourGuard™ is an ideal material to maintain water quality and prevent stored water losses.
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GeoBubble™ Technology

By incorporating the innovative GeoBubble™ design, the lifespan of the VapourGuard™ material is increased by over 25%.
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