Benefits of VapourGuard™

  • Reduce Evaporation by 98%+
  • Harvest Rainwater
  • Inhibit Algae Growth
  • Reflect Solar Radiation
  • Cooler, Clearer Water
  • Reduce Debris & Contamination
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • 10 Years Pro Rata Warranty

Evaporation Control


Algae & contamination control

Water Clarification

Rainfall collection


Heat reflection

Temperature Control

Evaporation Control

A VapourGuard™ evaporation cover works by providing a physical barrier, preventing evaporative losses from the water’s surface. Covering water with a self-buoyant membrane offers considerably higher efficiencies than other, more traditional alternatives such as shade cloths.

A VapourGuard™ evaporation cover floats upon the water’s surface eliminating evaporation by as much as 98%.

As water stress becomes more widespread and reserves become increasingly stretched, understanding and controlling evaporation will provide vital.

Although a simple concept, incorporating an evaporation cover into water management systems can be highly effective as it allows for the preservation of water that would have otherwise been lost to the environment

The potential water savings from incorporating an evaporation cover are considerable with evaporative losses being a continuous drain on the overall efficiency of a water storage system.

For instance, a VapourGuard™ cover in Mexico on a 3m x 15m diameter tank can save enough water to refill the tank 6 times within its warrantied lifespan saving. This efficiency in preserving the water supply alone would provide enough savings to recoup the cost of the cover within approximately 8 months as well as produce approximately 1.64 Tonnes of avocados.

The opaque bubble layer block out light, preventing algae growth and reducing chemical requirements and filtrating costs.

Over time, sediment builds up within water storage tanks and reservoirs. This leads to costly and time consuming drainage and cleaning.

Leaf litter also decays and stains the water, changing the chemistry, increasing filtration requirements and chemical demands.

VapourGuard™ works as a debris cover, preventing algae growth and debris entering the water. In this way, it helps to maintain water clarity, and ensures a consistent and usable resource, without additional cleaning time and treatment costs.

Water Clarification


Rainwater Collection

Greenhouse growers can optimise the efficiency of their rainwater harvesting systems ensuring they make the most of their catchment area by mitigating losses, increasing capacity and reducing the need to refill a water storage tank.

The floating evaporation cover material with the addition of small drainage holes can allow rainwater through, thus adding to the water resources and removing the need for a sump pump.

The top surface of VapourGuard™ material contains reflective pigments to prevent the sun’s radiation from entering the water. This combined with the insulation properties of the GeoBubble™ design enables VapourGuard™ to provide a stable temperature profile.

VapourGuard™ is designed for industroied looking to reduce heating of cooling costs minimising evaporation, solar gains and insulating the water resource.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Image credit: Andre Harvey