Le matériau VapourGuard ™ est fabriqué sous forme de rouleau par Plastipack au Royaume-Uni et vendu à des fabricants de plastique dans le monde entier. Veuillez noter que Plastipack ne fournit pas les couvertures finies directement aux utilisateurs finaux.

Where can I buy a
VapourGuard™ cover?

The VapourGuard™ material is manufactured in roll form by Plastipack in the UK and sold to plastic fabricators worldwide. Please note that Plastipack does not supply finished covers directly to end-users


Water Clarification


Temperature Control

Image credit: Albers Alligator

Albers Alligator installations, utilising the Black/Black cover material.

Albers Alligator Projecten BV

Nude 37b – 6702 DK Wageningen
Postbus 44 – 6700 AA Wageningen

+31 317 419 144

Company Bio:

Albers Alligator has been in the market for 115 years, and operates around the world – their products can be found in over 35 countries.

Image Credit: Antonsen


Haïfastraat 1 – 2030 Antwerpen

+32 (0)3 542 61 10

Company Bio:

Antonsen’s flexible production processes mean that they are able to handle both big and small projects with short lead times. In business for over 120 years, their decades of experience with customized bubble cover production and high level of precision throughout company make them a leading producer and supplier of VapourGuard™ materials in the Benelux region.

Image credit: Askomet


3rd Km road Mires to Tympaki, Mires of Heraklion Crete, 70400, Greece

+30 28920 29380 – 2

Company Bio:

Founded in 1974, Askomet focuses its business on high quality, innovation and the continuous improvement of its products.

Image credit: Delafloat by DL Plastics

A Delafloat installation (made from VapourGuard™ material) by DL Plastics

DL Plastics BV

9076 Pt De Wissel 15

+31 518 409 700

DL Plastic

Company Bio:

DL Plastics design and install their DeltaFloat evaporation cover systems featuring the VapourGuard™ material. Offering installation and design services globally.

Image credit: Eurocover

A VapourGuard™ installation on Paul Shawe’s water tank in the Algarve, provided by Eurocover in Portugal.


Rua Beatriz Ângelo (Urb. Casal Paradela), Nº 2, 1º Andar, Sala 4, 2620-177 Póvoa Santo Adrião (Odivelas)

+351 211 450 999

Company Bio:

Eurocover is a Portuguese textile company, operating within the industrial sector. Their goal is to provide products that will allow maximum use of space by their customers whenever industrial, storage, sports, commercial or leisure facilities are concerned.

Image credit: Gauris


Icarus 9 8448 CJ Heerenveen, THE NETHERLANDS

+31 (0)85 303 39 80

Company Bio:

Gauris receive requests from across the world for their liners. It is usually custom work, as no two contracts are the same. They always involve bespoke work and demanding requirements. Their philosophy is that a liner is much more than just plastic on a roll.

Image credit: Homar Lda

VapourGuard™ application on a Water Tank from Homar Lda.

Homar Lda

Rua Cruz Ventura, 617 – Catarrucho 3140-032 ARAZEDE

+351 239 600 100


Company Bio:

Homar, Lda was created in 1990, and over the following 30 years of work, they have tried to be at the forefront of new technologies and products, endowing itself with technical and human competences, the result of constant training and reinforcement of its employees.

Image credit: NPI


Sinaedawei 10-A, 8851 GG Tzummarum, The Netherlands

+31 518 481846

Company Bio:

In 60 years, NPI has grown into the company that they are today: a down-to-earth family business and an international player in the field of foil solutions, water storage and horticulture