Water management is a growing concern for the industry, agribusiness and domestic applications internationally, with a growing number of regions placing stress on their water supplies. With scarce resources, costly extraction and transportation costs, the need to secure and maintain a managed water storage systems are both an economic and environmental necessity.

VapourGuard™ floating cover solutions are a useful, adaptable tool in the preservation and maintenance of water storage systems.

VapourGuard™ is a water storage cover material designed to protect and conserve stored water, and an innovative method for collecting rainfall. Made from durable polymer and incorporating the unique GeoBubble™ material design, VapourGuard™ is a floating self-supporting cover. Buoyancy is provided by air cells within the material. VapourGuard™ can be welded together using the materials 50mm weld edge to form one continuous cover or into sections for modular solutions.