Case Studies

  • Increase efficiency of dams and large water reservoirs
  • Preserve both water quality & quantity
  • Save resources, time & money
Current applications of the VapourGuard™ material

“We fitted a VapourGuard™ cover while installing a water storage area for our nursery. The cover and storage has allowed us to reduce our water usage by up to nearly 80% and by connecting the system to more hand watering points we believe we can reduce this by up to 90%. We require around 1,400 cubic metres of water each growing season and we believe with 250 cubic meters of water storage we can supply this if expected rainfall occurs. By our calculations the system will have saved up to 1,000 cubic metres of water over the first nine-month period.

The water quality is excellent with no algae growth in the water since the installation and the water leaves less white residue on our products when irrigated overhead. The VapourGuard™ cover has made the stored water clean and usable without the need for extra filtering keeping the running of the system very simple and cost effective.”

N.B. Catchment area including barns. 27 hectares of ground water is also collected from under reservoir in winter months if required.

Kelvin Baldwin, Sussex UK
Kelvin Baldwin