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Use and care

VapourGuard™ covers are designed for use in non-potable water storage applications.

The VapourGuard™ material is manufactured from a mixture of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and a specialised additive package which adheres to relevant EU legislation.*


How long will a VapourGuard™ cover last?

Ultra Violet (UV) rays are emitted by the sun and are partly absorbed by the Ozone layer. UV light is destructive not only to human skin but also many man made materials including polyethylene and plastic products. Unless such materials are specially treated, they become faded and brittle after exposure to UV light. Plastipack’s scientifically balanced polyethylene materials are stabilised to withstand these harmful UV rays, retaining their flexibility and colour and lasting longer as a water storage cover.

Plastipack, in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading additive suppliers and the University of Brighton and London Metropolitan University Polymer Centre, has carried out extensive research and testing in order to create a durable UV-stable product.

The VapourGuard™ material has an expected lifespan of 10 years in Western Europe. In harsh UV light conditions, such as Australia and South Africa a lower lifespan of 6 to 8 years would be expected. Please download this map to establish what the UV intensity levels are in your country. This assumes there are no corrosive chemicals in the water stored area being covered. If corrosive chemicals are present this will significantly reduce the product’s lifespan.

Shrinkage of VapourGuard™ covers

Due to nature of the material used in the manufacture of this product, shrinkage rates must be taken into account when fabricating covers for water storage applications.

High temperatures and relaxation of the material after folding and welding will result in a shrinkage rate of between 1 to 2% of the material. This must be taken into account when fabricating a VapourGuard™ covering system.

Post-installation cover care

Debris and residue will collect on the VapourGuard™ cover over time and will need to cleared/cleaned from the cover’s surface. Extreme care and a risk assessment should be conducted before this is done.

Safety precautions:

Under no circumstances should the cover be walked on while in situ / covering the water. The reservoir or tank area should be adequately fenced off and appropriate warning signs erected to prevent humans, wildlife and livestock from harm and to avoid damaging the cover material.

Can the material be thrown away of at end of its life?

Depending on local climate conditions, a VapourGuard™ cover has an expected working life of 6 to 10 years. The material is LDPE grade 4 recyclable.

*Absence of toxic heavy metals 94/62/EC & 1271/2008/EC Dangerous substances according to chemical law.



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