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Water tanks

A VapourGuard™ tank cover is an ideal way to increase the efficiency of a water tank. Both water quantity and quality are preserved, leading to savings in terms of resources, time and money.


Water quantity

Water quantity is dramatically increased as water evaporation is almost eliminated entirely.

The tank cover also acts as a rainwater harvester due to the holes punched into the material, allowing rainfall to drain into the water storage area. This is what makes VapourGuard™ superior to other anti-evaporation systems which do not have a rain harvesting feature. The advantages combined mean the water tank’s efficiency is maximised in terms of optimum water storage capacity.

For a water tank of 9m in diameter and 2m deep, this area would contain 126,000 litres of water. In the UK, yearly minimum evaporation loses of 1 meter of water depth per year mean an estimated 63,000 litres/ 13,858 gallons of water is being saved.

Water quality

A VapourGuard™ tank cover also eliminates algae growth and prevents airborne debris from entering the water. This reduces maintenance and blockages in irrigation equipment. In addition, because certain types of algae are harmful to livestock (particularly young animals), by removing the threat of algae, safe drinking water can be guaranteed as well as the highest quality of irrigation water for crops.


The installation of any size VapourGuard™ tank cover is straightforward.

The cover is pre-fitted with heavy duty clips and cord to allow for easy and quick installation.

The cover must be installed with the light grey reflective side facing up.

When VapourGuard™ material is used as a floating tank cover on a water tank with a suitable float valve, a minimum free board of 30cm is required, in combination with securing ropes or mesh over the water tank to prevent removal by high winds.

To ensure the simplest installation of the cover, the water tank should be full to the overflow point and the cover must be installed on a dry day with low winds.

A clear installation guide is supplied with every VapourGuard™ order.



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