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Domestic water tanks

It is not unusual for a water tank to provide more than just water to the farm, placing even more emphasis on good water storage systems and maintaining water quality, as demonstrated in the successful VapourGuard™ application in Portugal described below.



The installation of any size VapourGuard™ tank cover is straightforward.

The cover is pre-fitted with heavy duty clips and cord to allow for easy and quick installation.

The cover must be installed with the light grey reflective side facing up.

A clear installation guide is supplied with every VapourGuard™ order.

Consumer installation instruction guide for a 8m diameter VapourGuard™ tank cover installation
Customer Installation Guide (PDF)

Domestic water tank case studies

Mr Shawe, Portugal – Farm and Domestic use

“The problem that I had prior to fitting a VapourGuard™ cover was that the water would turn green and smelt of rotting vegetables, this wouldn’t matter too much if I was only watering the plants and trees but unfortunately it is the water that we use in the house and does not make for a good shower or bath.”



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