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GeoBubble™ technology

• Larger footprint to withstand heat expansion

• 50% thicker than a traditional bubble’s weakest points

• Smooth shape with uniform thickness

• Residual stress areas removed from the bubble design

• Expected lifespan improved by 25% +

• Withstands high UV conditions

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Traditional bubble weak points

GeoBubble™ technology combined with high performance Guard materials provide a longer lasting anti evaporation / anti algae cover material. Scientifically designed to be more resistant to UV attack than a traditional bubble design, the result is a 25% longer expected lifespan.

GeoBubble™ Improved shape

GeoBubble™ eliminates weak and thin points, providing a stronger material less prone to premature degradation compared to other bubble designs. The new bubble has a larger footprint / area which allows the air within the bubble to expand and not deflate with temperature variations. This design improvement combined with the additives used are what sets GeoBubble™ VapourGuard™ covers apart in terms of longevity and optimum performance in curbing evaporation losses, eliminating algae and harvesting free water / rain water.



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